Strict Bondage and fetishes

This site is for those of you, who enjoy the stricter side to bondage, and enjoy fetishes.
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 Cultivating a foot fetish

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PostSubject: Cultivating a foot fetish   Mon Dec 14, 2009 7:12 pm

This is the story of how i got my foot fetish. As long as I can remember I have liked girls' feet, and my own bare feet. Apparently even before I was 2 I was playing with mum's toes and crawling towards her usually bare feet. I always tried to tickle her feet and I also started playing with my sisters feet too. I would kiss mum's feet when i could.

As I grew up mum would often catch me staring at girls bare feet outside. i also always took my shoes and socks off whenever I could, or just didn't put them on to begin with.

When I began to play tie up games and had my sister or friends tied up I'd take heir socks off and tickle their feet. I also loved being tied up barefooted myself and tickled on my bare feet. even now my soles are the most ticklish part of my body. when ,y sister and her friends began to wear tights to school insted of socks I got a new fetish to go with bare feet. I still preferred being barefoot though.

As i started going out with proper girlfriends i always liked playing with their feet. Some really liked this others were so ticklish they couldn't stand it. I liked tickling them most but as you can guess those realtionships did not last long. I also loved them to tickle me or play with my feet but it did not happen enough.

I'm not sure if I explained how I got my fettish, just how it happened.
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Cultivating a foot fetish
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