Strict Bondage and fetishes

This site is for those of you, who enjoy the stricter side to bondage, and enjoy fetishes.
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 Violation of rules and Regulations

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PostSubject: Violation of rules and Regulations   Mon Nov 23, 2009 6:52 pm

Violation of Rules and Guidelines:

First violation of ANY of the rules and guidelines - a warning via Private message or email.

Second violation of ANY of the rules and guidelines - a second warning along with a 14 day suspension from the board.

Third violation of ANY of the rules and guidelines - banned from the board.

REMINDER: All postings are subject to rules and guidelines. If any moderator feels that any posting violates any of these rules and guidelines, that post may be edited or deleted, and the original user may lose their privilege to post on the board.

Spammers and trolls will receive an immediate ban.

All bannings are final. Warnings are permanent, they do not get reversed.
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Violation of rules and Regulations
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